Monday, April 29, 2013

See you in America!

Well, I guess this is it ha the end... a thing that I never thought would come in the beginning of the mish and a thing that you don't want to see at the end. But it is what it is. I agree with Dad with what he said, that there's a time and thing for everything.

This week was pretty normal haha Comp was good, then sick at the end of week. But one of the less active members in our ward/branch returned and I think the Pres. of the branch gave him a calling to help us/comp with his sickness. He brought us some food yesterday that comp can eat. It was good timing too haha cuz we're waiting for money and I didn't want to eat leftover noodles for breakfast haha but i did anyways. Hint - having a food storage in the mish works good. I'm the only one that had food haha.

So imma speak next Sunday the 12th in English?? haha can't wait to see my ingles porque es horrrrible!! But it's what i wanted hahah the pronunciation is the hardest haha. You asked me if there's anything special I want or need ... no haha just food from madre.

imma miss Argy world cuz its pretty funny. imma miss the people, the friends I've made etc. Hopefully I'll have some money some day and be able to say vamos a Argentina and we can go haha and before I forget imma sleep on the carpet hehe it's a glorious thing jk.

If Alyssa happens to have her baby the same time I'm coming home, don't feel bad if you can't come pick me up (all of you) haha.

I feel like I've become better from the mish and I guess that's something important. If you come back the same it'd be a tragedy. I remember when I got to Tandil I had to learn how to talk in espn and be a people person and now i just talk with everyone and I like giving talks with short notice, I don't sweat it as much. I've also learned a lot from the Book of Mormon. b4 the mish I didn't really understand the BOM but I read it cuz I felt the spirit and it was good and in the mish I learned how to understand it more. Obviously I'm no genius, there's a ton I don't know. ha

I was going to burn my sleeping bag like Scott suggested haha, but imma give it to the Videlas because Hueso will love it haha.

It'll be hard not being able to have my "full time job" teaching the gospel, but the good thing is I'll still have the gospel and the message to share after the mish. I'll miss doing door contacts and becoming instant friends with people you just met 5 min ago haha.

I was thinking yesterday bout the time that comps been sick. Like what have I learned in this experience. Patience yep and also I've learned a lot bout service more then I thought i did, cuz being a missionary you're always thinkin in what can i do? Being with the Videlas for a lot of the time while comp was sick I still thought a lot in that I can't leave but what can I do? I can sweep the floor, help with cookin, wipe the tables, sweep the floor again, wash dishes. Like the other day, Saturday, I helped Hueso on one of the houses they're building. I was in my tie and everything, but I had an apron on hahaha. I'm glad i could learn more bout service cuz normally when I'm done eating, I'm out haha chau, until Dad says, "Did you ask mom if she needs help?" hehe I'm thankful that I could change myself and be more useful. I remember a quote from tiger woods he said, "If you're not getting better you're getting worse," and if you think bout it, it's true. There's always somethin that we could've done better, but if we get better every day, a lil bit or a lot, we get better and I know I got better from the mish and now i just gotta run with until I die haha.

Thanks to everyone that's helped me, with your words of wisdom, your prayers, thoughts, money, in whatever thing. I'm eternally grateful. Keep goin hard. Church is true  love u all

man this maybe the last time i write this
Elder Reginald Grant Roberts
see u in america :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just goin hard to the end. Doin what I can do.


We just got back from Santa Rosa and we had interviews with the Pres. It was good. Talked mostly about how comps doin. haha He asked how I was. I said learning more about patience haha. Then he's like, "The things you're doing (taking care of comp) is also missionary work." That felt good to hear cuz there's not much I can do some days. For example Saturday we had lunch with Pablo y Claudia (who got baptized with me and Elder Allen) then we were almost about to work and comp needed to go to the bathroom. Then he was like, "I'm sick." Then we called some of the few members we have and I left with one at like 8:30 ha and we have to be at our house at the latest at 9:30 haha. It's just part of life. gotta roll with it ha.

Also Saturday the Pres. of our branch called me and asked me to give a talk on missionary work. Then that night when we were at the church we saw Pres and he's like, "You have luck, you don't have to give a talk cuz the members from the stake are coming from Santa Rosa." wahoo "vamos todavia" Then at favring 8:00 am he calls me, "Hey Elder the car for the members doesn't work. Can you give a talk?" ugggh hahahaha "Yes I can!" So I put somethin together quick and just did it haha.

We found a lady named Rosana this week. We found her name in the files of the old investigators and she has assistants  and has seen a baptism, so hopefully she can get baptized b4 I leave. I hope to see a lil miracle.

It was pretty cool on Tuesday. Comp and I with the Videlas went to the clinic where they put a camera in Comp's stomach thru his throat. We asked if I could go with him and tape it, but he had to go solo with the Dr. Comp said it hurt and he has a hernia or somethin, some type of hernia where like the stomach is and like your esophagus and the stomach rises and like goes in the esophagus and that's where he has pains and feels like throwin up. He's takin pills and has to eat very healthy, bout 6 times a day, lil meals. Chef Hna Videla cooked a chicken he can eat that he bought. The doctor from Buenos Aires, for our mish, just called comp and said with the help of the pills in about 2 weeks he should feel better haha. 2 weeks  haha uggh.

b4 I forget Alyssa imma bring your bday card with me so if you were waiting or somethin sorry. I forgot to tell you b4 haha.

The Videlas said Sabrina looked so cute in her prom thing. Did you all boogie wooogie? hehe They loved your fotos in facebook.

Nice pics Clayton and Mitch, don't worry, mike jordan broke his foot and came back better ha.
The weather this week has been gr8, like summer weather :)

What else is new? Not much. Just goin hard til the end. doin what i can do. I got your guys Christmas card a few week ago haha. It looks gr8 also thanks for the bday cards.

Can you get me some new garments and a new oil thing for consecrated oil for when I return? If  the baby Alyssa jr gets born tell facebook cuz the Videlas are always on it.

love u all the church is true
Elder Reginald Grant Roberts

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lots of Service



My birthday cake

Metta World Peace


Laura mixing cement to put rocks up for decoration

Agu working

Noelia with stickers hahaha
Aloha hehe

Wow just put email 100 eh haha.

This week went good. We got a lot of work in. Then comp got sick again for like the end of the week part. We're going to the doctors friday at 11 b4 some of you are awake haha. It's kinda weird how he gets sick, then he's good. We worked really hard to start the week and it just beat him up at the end of the week. ha Who knows why he's always sick, but everything happens for a reason. You know its kinda difficult when you want to try to end your mish goin all out, but you can't leave much. But no worries. I try to do what I can. All of Saturday I worked outside with the Videlas doing service. I was like,"Need some help? I wanna help." (comp was sick and rested) I helped move bricks, put up a brick wall, move stuff. It was awwesome to do that and it makes you feel good. Also that night I was goin to leave with a member when comp was with Agu, but the member never showed up ha. I've learned you can do mish service in all sorts of ways, like washing plates, cleaning tables ha shoveling. I think, "Ok, imma mish. If I can't leave, I can at least help in somethin." haaha

We have interviews next Monday with Pres. and comps pretty excited to tell him that he's sick haha and everything that's goin on. We write him weekly, but don't receive much. I did some more sewing this week on my tie when comp was sick. My pants are clean now from the flour haha. That was pretty fun. For Sub's b-day or the new Alyssa jr we can throw flour on them hahaha.

Nico and Vero are doing alright. We had divisions and Elder Woods went with Elder Dalton and they arrived and Nico was drunk eeeeh. Which was kinda weird cuz the day b4 in our lesson with them we arrived and they were both sitting at the table reading from the BOM. They did a prayer to know where to read. They opened the book and started reading and Vero read and Nico explained. You could really feel the spirit when you walked in and it felt gr8 cuz normally there are screams or arguments (its normal ha) and it feels weird. But that day it was peaceful! But we still have faith that everything will go good. I'm not too worried. The johnny lingo (found out it's Mingo) was in a bike wreck and I think that it humbled him. He can't work for 2 yrs. He hurt his left ear thing and right shoulder, arm etc. He's doing pretty good. We passed by the clinic where he's at and he said, "Pamela and I are going to get married. I was thinking of you guys and we're going to do it" !!!! The only thing they had problems with was getting married and they want to do it now and go to the church!! That was good news at the end of the week. Then we walked to the Videlas and comp was drained. Like 15 blocks (nothin in mish terms).

I love Argy and am tryin to enjoy every moment. Like all the times we see cars almost crash and your like,"Oh" and you tighten up ha. Tryin to enjoy the bread, the loud motos (scooters). Tryin to take everythin in and enjoy it.  Also j-walking and all the kids with soccer jerseys seeing.

We found a fam that their grandma is a member but she died like a year ago, like a month after her baptism. They know a little of the church and we're tryin to invite them and get them to church. The dad's name is Juan Villada. His wife thing, Graciela and Agustina, the daughter. We were really hoping to pass by their house like Saturday, b4 church, but couldn't. He does bike races in Argy. Like he goes to Mar del Plata and other providences etc. and most of them are Sundays :) ha but he said he'd get bapt if he has that conviction that it's true.

Wahoo Jake's going to Mexyland this week. It's sweet being out of country. It's like livin upside down haha.

I'm very grateful for the gospel in my life and i know how to be happy (like the plan, god has feeling for us, holy ghost etc). It's amazing the blessing we have. I feel pretty lucky and it's good to help people understand a little more bout gospel.

know the church is true if u don't ask God for an answer and it'll come

Elder Reginald Grant RoBerts
imma send fotos hopeful lee
and yeah u should get my travel plans soon

Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference & "Birday" Weekend


Thanks for the birday wishes etc. Life is down hill from now jaja chiste love life! It was pretty fun getting smashed with flour haha. That night we were going to do "service" where they would've hit me with flour and eggs, but comp got his tooth fixed on and had pain that day, so we didn't get to change our clothes. This is how it happened - Noelia entered the house jaja and screamed, "Laura there's been an accident an accident" and comp and I looked at each other like hmm lets go see. We leave and when I pass the side of the house POW! in the face hahaha. It was pretty sweet. I thought it was funny. I didn't even think anything when Noelia was screaming accident haha and the cake was favring huge. It was gr8 too. Lauras a capa. She does all the cakes! If I were born in Argy world I'd be born officially on the 6th, with the time change thing haha.

Conference was AwESOME! I loved the talk from Pres. Monson. He said you will receive answers to your biggest questions when you're obedient. Also loved his story bout the matches hahaha. Loved the talk from Elder Holland bout keeping the faith alive and like don't give up. Uchtdorf's was gr8 bout being a light in the world. We all have those bad sick feelings that we don't want, but sometimes stays in us, but we need to turn night into day. We saw a lil of priesthood with the Videlas in Sunday morning. We went to lunch at bout 10:30-11:00 and they had the priesthood going from the night b4. Heard the talks of Uchtdorf, Eyring and Monson. I loved the part how Uchtdorf compared us to babies learning how to walk. That we fall and the parents are like we love you. You can do it, keep going! And how Heavenly Father is like that. Keep going don't give up. I've learned a lot bout that stuff on my mission from the BOM how HF wants us to keep going and use the atonement. Christ didn't suffer for us to suffer. He wants us to use it to be happy! I'll look forward to reading more.

p.s. don't send me anymore packages or things cuz we'd have to pay for it haha. I think my b-day thing is in Pico so I don't have to pay for it. It's a new rule thing. But from now on I don't want anything haha.

We got to work more this week. We had a conference in Santa Rosa with other missionaries and we learned to ¨suffer with joy¨ and comp and I looked at each other & smiled. My comp is the best example at it haha. He's always happy no matter how sick he feels. He's always doing jokes  and sometimes I ask him, "You doin ok?" (with health) and he's like I hurt but he's always happy. On my b-day they fixed his molar tooth and was in pain, but happy. I've learned a lot from him on being just happy always. He's hilarious. He was pretty good this week. He has his days and we never know when they come, but with patience and a smile everything's better and funner. We should always have fun! haha Comps also funny at telling me how short of time I have haha and during the conf talk about marriage he looks at me like "You listening? You're next mother goose." I'm like, "yeah i know!" He makes everything fun haha.

Barby went to conference on Sunday. Nico and Vero didn't. They dropped her off and left. Kinda weird ha. Thank you parents for being so good to me. There's many times where I'm like dang I've got it good in my life. My mom never screams at me, only when I hit a 3 hehe. My dad doesn't beat me, just in one on one hehe. No but for real thanks. thanku thanku That's probably the biggest thing I've learned on the mish. And once again Alyssa and Scott, you'll be gr8 parents. No worries. 1st off you're married which like 90 % of Argyworld isn't. The kid will have a mom and dad that will love them. Some don't. Sometimes I think bout other kids, "poor kid I wish I could be their parent cuz they just have it bad."

My pick for the b-day of the bebé is May 7 lucky numero 7. We get to go to the temple wahoo!!

We're really hoping that Nico y Vero can get baptized in this month. It's our goal. Keep praying for them etc.

mich will win go louis.

keep praying for me etc going hard to the end dont want to leave :(  keep reading BOM and being a light in the world i know this church is tru and that god contests prayers in his do time

Elder Reginald Grant Robert
ps :) hahaha

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter here is a big holiday!

Happy April Fools day fools haha

and HAPPY BIRFDAY ALYSSA WOW 23 ya esta vieja jajaja My prediction is that the baby leaves on Alyssa's or my birthday or if not, for sure on her own birthday haha.

Hope your Easter was all good. It's pretty cool, Easter here, it's more of like a big holiday. Like people do asados etc and it's more cooler cuz the Pope's one of us ha. It rained all day yesterday. Nico y Vero no went to the church. I have become to love the talks in church more as I search for revelation. It's awesome! It was kind of a tuff week this week. Comp was sick again. Monday he had migraines. Then like the rest of the week his stomach thing and so he called the mission dr that's in Buenos Aires. He's a yankee and he said to buy some medicine thing and it was a medicine for giraria, I think somethin like from the water or somethin and it does like work on his stomach and after that two days with the pills he (was for 5 days) wasn't feeling better, actually worse. So he called the dr and he said don't take them any more. So he stopped and seems to be doing good, back to normal. And also during the week ha he broke one of his molars, teeth thing, poor comp ha. After that happened he was pretty bummed or frustrated not being able to work, then his tooth brakes, but he's tuff and has a gr8 attitude. He's funny. He reminds me a lot of ehscott (Scott). It always stinks when you can't work much like after that week when he was sick we thought, "Wahoo, we're all good now." Then went by a week good, then got sick again. Hopefully we can go hard this week. You learn a lot of patience ha.

Conf week aaaaaaahhhh! I'm droolin, you know, after getting preseason conf from Elder Nelson. I've been waiting so bad for this weekend. It starts at 1:00 and 5:00 here. Then priesthood Sunday in the morning. Can't wait! It's such a gr8 time to receive revelation personal. From one of the talks from the special conf with Elder Bowen etc he said we need to have a specific question and ask it to God to receive the answer so we can understand the answer. Go with questions and desires. I think I was reading in Alma in the BOM and read how to get like mysteries from God or answers to questions it's repentment, faith, doing good works and praying continually and you will know the mysteries of God.

Todays Agu's bday, April fools, no jk it really is. The Videlas want to celebrate it with Me Sunday. Kinda forgot that it was my birthday lol but I don't really care. At least it'll b better then last year I hope where it was my 1st day in Tandil and yeah ha. But I think it was the fastest year of my life.

Oww, I'm holding my knee after you told me that story of that Louisville player awww. and go kobe.

The weather was pretty good until like the end of week. It's true dad, it's a lil different with Easter down south where everything's dyin and when I'm use to everything green and happy ha. I realized the leaves are like yellow which is always bad haha. I remember when I got to Argy in the winter and everything was dead and cold it was kinda like oh no i hope it doesn't always look like this here haha.

The pics look gr8. Alyssa's big. The Videlas were like, "Hey, look your sis put a new foto." They're all fans of you guys. They showed me and Hna Videla was like, "I like how she is cua." She's happy. There are other preg people and they're draggin around, but she's like I like her, she's doing gr8 and healthy and they always tell me Sub has pics with boys hahahaha.

I'll ask Laura how to do the cakes mom. They're always good. Oh, I don't have fotos of pikza from last week. We cooked its called ñoquis yesterday. They're good. They're noodles, but made from potatoes if that makes sense. They're good.

Have a gr8 conf week. Go hard and listen to the talks and the holy ghost. It's only twice a year we can hear this.
Happy birfdays alyssa's ooold hehe jk

Elder Reggianito Grant Roberts
and pray that my comp won't be sick haha gracias

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm Still in Picooo Yeaaaaahhh!!!


todo bien! IM STILL IN PICOOO YEAAAAAHHH!!! I'm soo happypypypy! No one in our district left. We're all the same. Pretty awesome. I'll end my mish here with 4 areas under my belt ha. I told comp the other day,"On my b-day I can say a year ago I was in the area." I just came from before Tandil haha I love it here!!

Yesterday at church, it was awesome. We had a special conference that happens every two years. That is that a member of the apostles comes and someone from the 70. Also they came to Buenos Aires and did a broadcast to our area of Argentina in like 106 stakes. Elder Nelson came. Didn't know he knew espñ. He talked a lot bout the family and how exaltation is a family effort. He also did something awesome, he blessed the favring country! He blessed Argy to take more interest in the gospel by our examples and they'll be more open to hear the gospel (gr8 to hear after Pope haha) He also blessed us with health to do the things we need to do according to the will of God and 2 other things awww can't remember. They're in my other agenda thing. It was gr8!! Elder Shayne Bowen (one of my favs) came too and spoke bout how to receive revelation personal, a thing that I've been working on lately and talked a lot bout how important it is to be obedient when you want to receive revelation, and also said we should go to God with a specific question so we can understand the answer. Also Hna Stevens of the primary spoke talked bout how her son served in Argy and he kept saying how gr8 the people are..true.

Nico and Vero are doin good. Nico told us Tuesday (Sunday b4 got the book of Lorenzo Snow teachings) he said, "Yeah I read that whole book and finished it at 3 am" ..... Foreeeal haha. We were so impressed! He was like,"Yeah I want to teach the class." haha Also Vero read like half of it also haha. We're trying to help them to move their excitement to read to the BOM. We had a lesson in the church with them and we watched a DVD the testaments. But they didn't go yesterday :( but still want to get bapt.

I don't know bout my plane flight thing mom. You guys will actually be getting my information, so you'll have to tell me and tell me I'm goin to south beach :) So be waiting for that. It may come soon or in like the next 2 weeks or somethin idk. It's weird to be in last transfer. I don't really believe it. It actually stinks haha but I'm goin hard to the end.

Next time you see Shawn Bradley yell Tracy McGrady and do like a tiger grawl with your hand thing (hint look it up).

How da baby doin forreeal? I bought her a lil thing to wear haha 20 pesos. Laura was like,"Hey they're selling baby clothes for 20 pesos! Go buy some." So I did. 4 dollars. What's her name goin to be? Ideas? Ochocinco is a good one :) And Alyssa and Scott if you are nervous bout bein parents don't worry. You'll be gr8. I feel bad for some of the kids here by the way their parents treat them. So don't sweat it you'll be gr8. Bought a Messi jersey Barcelona style oh yeaaah Holdstocks haha imma mother goose at buying things, but I'll get you things lol.

Our new schedule to write is 4:30 to 6. More time to write friends etc. But I just write Pres and you guys, Jake and Jeff, so you can get a lot more of my words of wisdom lol. It's kinda a bummer cuz after an hour you want to leave haha and it takes time from p-day, but whatever.

We made lunch with the Videlas Saturday cuz we did service with them and stayed to eat. Laura taught me to do pizza or how they say it here picksa or peepsa. It's pretty cool lol.

I'm excited for gen conf. Prep yourselves for it. I will! I love the Book of Mormon! There is not a day that goes by that I don't read at least 30 min from it cuz I remember that Shawna Smart told us in Sunday School that if we read 30 min a day we'll have help from angels. Since then 30 min a day and it changes your life forreal. Just do it! It happens to everyone at times that they don't feel like reading but never miss a day. Its so cool how you can pick out so many things in verses. I was reading in Mosiah 4. I love it.

Easter is more popular here. More people do it cuz there's more Catholics. The Pope thing hasn't changed anything really. I'd agree people would talk more bout religion now, but it hasn't changed much of anything. Just brings more swag to Argy like, take that, he's Argy. That's bout it and Messi is Argy.

love u all keep praying hard and reading ery day from BOM 30 min a day:)
Élder Reggianito Grant Robertito
and feliz march madness lol

Monday, March 18, 2013

Argy Pope - Everyone's pumped!

che papa nuevo eh is the theme of the week

Yeaaaaah the Pope's Argy wahoooo! The Argy are pretty pumped about it. Kinda like, "Yeah, he's one of us." It's actually pretty cool, but at the same time its like eeeehh cuz now it give the catholics like more swag ha. I just wanna know if the Pope ever went to church haha "I'm catholic." "Do you go to church?" "Noooo not since I took the communion since I was 13 like 25 yrs ago, but I'm catholic." ha is the result to them. I actually love the catholics. They're not so like stuck up, they're cool and they'll listen. The Pope is Argy which means Argy will win the world cup. We got the Pope and Messi, yeaah. Yes, he's the 1st latino Pope so I'll be able to understand him wahoo. It's kinda like represent Argy is what we think of the Pope.

Comps doing good. He's pretty much better, for real. Pretty sweet we were able to work normal and we found Nico y Vero again yeaah! They went to church yesterday!! They're a gr8 little fam. They need to get married. She's still waiting for the divorce papers which should come soon. They're a humble fam to. They don't have much, almost nothin. They live in one of the houses her dad has, but don't have light cuz they're waiting for the money. Nico doesn't have a job. We ended a lesson with them Joseph Smith style, with a candle lit in the kitchen in the dark to see. And we went to the Videlas, like they don't have anything to eat cuz it was true and Hna. (hermana) Videla was like, "Ok, lets make them something." They're freaking saints! They made them some rice and we all went to their house, the whole fam, and gave them dinner it was awesome. The next day they were like it was a miracle! They've really changed and have become better. They need to quit smoking. Nico is hilarious. He called us and was like "Hello" in English. They're gr8. Barby needs to go to church. She was in Santa Rosa with her dad. She's awesome too.

This week we get transfers - my laaaaaaaaaaaast! Wow, it doesn't feel like it. I hope hope hope hope I end here. I love it here and don't want to leave. It's a gr8 place. It's amazing how time flies for real. There's 2 sisters in our district that are ending this week and I'm favring out like dang that's me next. I love the mission! I've really "realized"  a lot in my mission, like the stuff that matters and how gr8 my parents have been. I also agree with that missionary that dad heard that said it helped him for marriage. I'm not married, but I've learned a toooon with having to be with a comp, a tooon. You can't change your comp, but you can change you and serving them is gr8. Learned that too.

But, I've still got work to do here until the end. awww I don't want to leave.

I gave a talk yesterday bout the mission of Jesus and the plan of salvation. I did more of me just teaching then reading. It was pretty fun ha.

It was freezing here the last 3 days. awww today is normal good, but awful the other 3 days. We have 3 more days of summer then autumn  boo haha.

I'll be looking for that necklace thing. haha I need to buy things. I hate buying things, but imma do it for love for you guys hahaha. I buy the cheepest of everything :)

love u all keep being awesome keep praying for me that i can do my best etc
thx for the support. I got Jake's letter. He sounds gr8.

Elder Reginald Grant Robert del 8