Monday, April 29, 2013

See you in America!

Well, I guess this is it ha the end... a thing that I never thought would come in the beginning of the mish and a thing that you don't want to see at the end. But it is what it is. I agree with Dad with what he said, that there's a time and thing for everything.

This week was pretty normal haha Comp was good, then sick at the end of week. But one of the less active members in our ward/branch returned and I think the Pres. of the branch gave him a calling to help us/comp with his sickness. He brought us some food yesterday that comp can eat. It was good timing too haha cuz we're waiting for money and I didn't want to eat leftover noodles for breakfast haha but i did anyways. Hint - having a food storage in the mish works good. I'm the only one that had food haha.

So imma speak next Sunday the 12th in English?? haha can't wait to see my ingles porque es horrrrible!! But it's what i wanted hahah the pronunciation is the hardest haha. You asked me if there's anything special I want or need ... no haha just food from madre.

imma miss Argy world cuz its pretty funny. imma miss the people, the friends I've made etc. Hopefully I'll have some money some day and be able to say vamos a Argentina and we can go haha and before I forget imma sleep on the carpet hehe it's a glorious thing jk.

If Alyssa happens to have her baby the same time I'm coming home, don't feel bad if you can't come pick me up (all of you) haha.

I feel like I've become better from the mish and I guess that's something important. If you come back the same it'd be a tragedy. I remember when I got to Tandil I had to learn how to talk in espn and be a people person and now i just talk with everyone and I like giving talks with short notice, I don't sweat it as much. I've also learned a lot from the Book of Mormon. b4 the mish I didn't really understand the BOM but I read it cuz I felt the spirit and it was good and in the mish I learned how to understand it more. Obviously I'm no genius, there's a ton I don't know. ha

I was going to burn my sleeping bag like Scott suggested haha, but imma give it to the Videlas because Hueso will love it haha.

It'll be hard not being able to have my "full time job" teaching the gospel, but the good thing is I'll still have the gospel and the message to share after the mish. I'll miss doing door contacts and becoming instant friends with people you just met 5 min ago haha.

I was thinking yesterday bout the time that comps been sick. Like what have I learned in this experience. Patience yep and also I've learned a lot bout service more then I thought i did, cuz being a missionary you're always thinkin in what can i do? Being with the Videlas for a lot of the time while comp was sick I still thought a lot in that I can't leave but what can I do? I can sweep the floor, help with cookin, wipe the tables, sweep the floor again, wash dishes. Like the other day, Saturday, I helped Hueso on one of the houses they're building. I was in my tie and everything, but I had an apron on hahaha. I'm glad i could learn more bout service cuz normally when I'm done eating, I'm out haha chau, until Dad says, "Did you ask mom if she needs help?" hehe I'm thankful that I could change myself and be more useful. I remember a quote from tiger woods he said, "If you're not getting better you're getting worse," and if you think bout it, it's true. There's always somethin that we could've done better, but if we get better every day, a lil bit or a lot, we get better and I know I got better from the mish and now i just gotta run with until I die haha.

Thanks to everyone that's helped me, with your words of wisdom, your prayers, thoughts, money, in whatever thing. I'm eternally grateful. Keep goin hard. Church is true  love u all

man this maybe the last time i write this
Elder Reginald Grant Roberts
see u in america :)

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